Public collection of literature on transportation planning, urban planning, architecture, and local history.
In our office on the Fontanka Embankment, 108, an impressive library of 1,700 books on transport planning, architecture and urban planning is available for everyone. The book fund was formed both by our own efforts and thanks to personal libraries of experts in our field: Mikhail Lyubomirovich Petrovich, Yury Petrovich Bocharov, Lev Iosifovich Sverdlin, Raisa Mikhailovna Piir. Thanks to their generosity, our shelves hold not only contemporary publications, but also major works on transport planning of the last 100 years (the oldest paper book is "Civil Architecture. Parts of Buildings" by M.E. Romanovich, 1903). For the convenience of systematization, each book is provided with an exlibris.